A shop of collected objects & apothecary for the home and body

— About Found Co. —

We specialize in unique and artful gifts for the home, curated in a serene environment. You will find beautiful orchid compositions, terrariums, and potted indoor plants crafted tabletop wares, inspiring coffee table books, home decor, small furnishings, aromatherapy candles, lotions, and jewelry. We have a design philosophy that is both elegant and effortless.

— Our Story —

Jason Shadix and Alan McArthur envisioned a retail partnership over twenty-five years ago, while attending the University of Georgia.

Through the years the conversation of the retail shop continued. In late 2015 they began talking again. The timing was right and the stars aligned. Within 3 months they found the perfect space in downtown Decatur. Four months later they opened the doors of Found Co.

Now Decatur residents and visitors enjoy the realization of their vision. Although the original idea changed somewhat over time, it still reflects their unique design and artsy aesthetics. The shop offers its customers an inspired experience that is grounded in nature and inspired by the organic. You will find stunning orchid compositions and house plants, crafted tabletop wares, inspiring coffee table books, home decor and small furnishings, even luxurious candles, incense, soaps, and lotions. And as its name implies, Found Co. is also about found objects: hand crafted pottery and porcelain, jewelry, sculpture, paintings, and yes, relics possibly dug up from the earth. Everything we offer is selected for its representation of natural elements and its modern usefulness.


[Founder] Alan McArthur

Alan has a background in Retail Management and Music.  He worked in the Day Spa industry for the past 25 years.  He received his training in Massage Therapy and Esthetics in Tucson, Arizona.   Upon returning home to Georgia in 2004, he opened Urban Sanctuary, an organic/natural day spa, in downtown Athens.

Along with opening and operating Found Company, he is also the pianist for First Baptist Church in downtown Athens.

[Founder] Jason Shadix

Jason received his BLA In Landscape Architecture from UGA in 1990. Throughout his college years he began working with Woody Brooks, a prominent event designer in Atlanta, Georgia. This experience led Jason to a lucrative career in the Special Event Industry that lasted over 25 years.

Jason is a true designer and constantly has one or more projects in the works. He and his husband, Phil Huff, have spent the past 17 years renovating their Grant Park home and garden. When not working in the shop or at his home, Jason can be seen running through the Grant Park neighborhoods.